100 Years of Finland, 100 Days of CodeBus

Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. The year 2017 marks a century of independence for the land of a thousand lakes and home of Santa Claus. In addition to being a chance to look back at the nation’s history, the centenary year is also a time to contemplate the future and what Finland can still become.

But what would a jubilee such as this be without a party or a few? Nothing, which is why various forms of celebration are taking place – in fact, over 2,000 events and projects are organized to commemorate the year. From a huge New Years’ event featuring crazy cool special effects and top artists that shut down the main street of Helsinki to more prolonged projects both within and without the physical borders of Finland, all festivities aim to realize the Finnish values of equality and democracy. The official Finland 100 programme covers a wide array of themes, including arts and culture, children and youth, corporate cooperation, sports and exercise, and science, research and education. Fusing education, programming, youth empowerment, creativity, and international community cooperation, CodeBus Africa fits into several of these.

CodeBus is led by Aalto University and organized in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, NokiaMehackit and over 15 local African innovators. By bringing together African and Finnish knowledge and innovation, the project respects the centenary values and concretely realizes the core theme of a 100-year-old Finland: “together”. Furthermore, the 100-day mission advocates equal opportunities in technology by targeting especially girls and marginalized youth. CodeBus is not only fun and funky, but an initiative that aims to benefit our societies as a whole.

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