A Successful Press Day in Helsinki

With our kick-off right around the corner, the travel preparations are in full swing on Helsinki’s side. An important part of prepping has been sharing our story with the public, and yesterday we had the pleasure of doing so for the first time with Finnish media.

Last morning, intrigued journalists from the main national publications arrived at Aalto University’s Töölö campus to learn what CodeBus is all about. We offered the press insight into the project from the multiple perspectives of all our key Finnish partners: representatives from Aalto, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the project’s main sponsor Nokia and corporate partner Mehackit took turns on the stage to speak about their roles, goals and motivations for being part of CodeBus.

Tommi Toivonen, the father of the Sonic Pi music programming curriculum at Mehackit, used the opportunity to also demo the workshop software for the audience’s delight. There is hardly a better way to grasp the ease and immediate feedback of Sonic Pi than seeing a line of text produce a sound at the press of the Enter key – unless, of course, you are typing the commands yourself. This is what the guests were able to try out at the end of the session, assisted by our newly trained instructors from Aalto University.

We would like to express thanks to all the media present, and we look forward to updating you as our tour soon commences in Ghana!

See CodeBus featured on Helsingin Sanomat and Tivi (articles in Finnish).

– Vilma
Communications Lead for CodeBus Africa