Mid-Tour Recap

Last week marked the halfway point of CodeBus’ tour, when Uganda beautifully wrapped up an intensive streak of five countries. We cannot wait to jam with the remaining five countries, and we are more determined than ever to advance our mission of inspiring youth to discover and make use of technology in their lives!

On Thursday evening, the Aalto instructors’ bunch came together to hear stories from those that had returned, ease the nerves of those yet to go and just share the love. The vibrance of positive energy of the stories could almost be felt! Here are snippets of some memorable moments:

In Ghana, a DJ playing the youth’s own songs and local hits each day, and the awesome dance sessions that followed,

In Nigeria, inspirational women in tech giving motivational speeches to further encourage girls to learn science, technology, engineering and mathematics,

In Ethiopia, using just Sonic Pi to teach basic computer skills to children who had never touched one before, and in just 3 hours, them advancing to writing their first line of code,

In Kenya, 300 Kiberan children gathering to listen to the Sonic Pi songs created the same day, and local rapper Slavey taking the role of an M.C. to get everybody super pumped up,

In Uganda, successfully overcoming the challenge of language barriers thanks to the wonderful local instructors.

The instructors described the workshops as dynamic and diverse, each group often consisting of students from various different schools. In one instance, a 9- and a 19-year-old formed an unlikely, yet truly synergistic, pair. Anssi, who had just landed back in Finland the previous day, said he feels grateful to have been part of an important project and to have witnessed the joy of discovery strongly present at the workshops. There was a general consensus that one of the best parts about being an instructor was seeing the children take leadership by co-teaching and sharing their knowledge with others.

This week kicks off a set of workshops in Tanzania. Today, our Aalto instructors met their amazing local colleagues, and now they cannot wait to meet the youth next!