Reaching Goals Together with Nokia

CodeBus Africa is a joint initiative genuinely relying on the support and contribution of its partners, both in Finland and in Africa. One of our key partners is Nokia, the CodeBus project’s biggest benefactor. This year, Nokia sponsors programs that aim to encourage girls into careers based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition to supporting CodeBus financially, Nokia’s staff from the company’s African offices have actively been involved in the hustle and bustle of the workshops.

Nokia is an established Finnish company with roots dating as far back as 1865. The company’s history of over one and a half century is one of change and reinvention: Nokia has worked in various sectors, including paper products, rubber boots and tires, mobile devices, and telecommunications infrastructure equipment. Now a multinational communications and information technology company, Nokia focuses on large-scale telecom infrastructures, and technology development and licensing.

A part of Nokia’s approach to corporate community investment is putting technology to good use for communities around the world. Earlier this year, President and CEO of Nokia, Rajeev Suri, summarized Nokia’s corporate social responsibility as follows: “If we create the technology that delivers better lives, more efficient industries, a more sustainable planet, then we can both do good business and do good. That is the promise. That is the possibility. That is what we can do together.”

The theme together repeats all around and within the CodeBus Africa project: in Nokia’s social investment principles, as the core theme of Finland’s centenary celebration, and in the co-operative approach of the CodeBus initiative itself. Together with CodeBus Africa and other programs, Nokia seeks to increase diversity and bridge the gender gap in STEM disciplines, as well as to empower youth through facilitating personal development. By offering accessible technological education, advocating for gender equality and striving to reduce inequality, Nokia and CodeBus are also contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals set in 2015.