A Reunion
CodeBus Africa team members from 10 countries across the continent met each other and looked into the future of youth in technology. “I think that in CodeBus, the learning experience surpassed all expectations. At least it really blew my mind as a trainer”, says Stefanie Garises from Namibia University of Science and Technology. Stefanie Garises and other... Read more »
Q&A: Project Lead Irena Bakić
Project Lead Irena Bakić spent a hundred days on the road to coordinate CodeBus Africa in ten countries. Now she answers questions about the initiative’s outcomes and next steps. The CodeBus Africa 100-day tour had three key goals: to support equal opportunities in technology, to build local capacity for youth tech education, and to boost cooperation between Finnish... Read more »
Q&A: Local Instructors
The CodeBus Africa workshop concept was adapted and implemented to fit various local needs by a global team of 62 instructors. No matter the students’ starting level, instructors made sure that each and every attendee finished with a creative outcome – their very own song. Altogether 50 African instructors received training in running Sonic Pi... Read more »
No Party Without Music
CodeBus Africa is a celebration of technology and youth empowerment – and everybody knows there’s no party without music! From making songs on the live programming environment Sonic Pi to energetic dance-offs to the beat of freshly coded tunes and local bangers, music played a central role in CodeBus Africa. In Mozambique, local artists Regina,... Read more »
Confronting Today’s Challenges with Aalto Global Impact
CodeBus Africa is led by Aalto Global Impact (AGI), which promotes and facilitates Aalto University’s research and educational programs for societal impact globally. AGI brings together various Aalto University programs, courses and research groups to advance global sustainability. In essence, working together are students from Aalto University schools of Business, Arts, Engineering, and Science, post-doctoral... Read more »
CodeBus Africa: A Look Back
Starting in February and spanning ten Sub-Saharan countries, CodeBus Africa’s journey moved through Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique, and came to its conclusion last weekend in South Africa. The youth empowerment initiative ran 1-day creative coding workshops for youngsters, providing them with a fun and memorable first touch to programming.... Read more »
On a Mission with Mehackit
Mehackit is a social enterprise founded in 2014. The organization’s mission is to offer equal chances for youth to get ahold of technology, so that they can learn the kind of skills required in today’s world. “Many people graduate from secondary and high schools without having any sort of programming experience. Mehackit counters this by... Read more »
Wanted: More Girls in Tech
What? Women make up half of the world’s population, but are a clear minority when it comes to the world of science, technology, mathematics and engineering. For example, in Aalto University, women made up only 12% of the students admitted to the undergraduate program of Computer Science in 2016. There have not been many signs... Read more »
Reaching Goals Together with Nokia
CodeBus Africa is a joint initiative genuinely relying on the support and contribution of its partners, both in Finland and in Africa. One of our key partners is Nokia, the CodeBus project’s biggest benefactor. This year, Nokia sponsors programs that aim to encourage girls into careers based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In addition... Read more »
Q&A: Biniyam
21-year-old Helsinki-based Biniyam is an alternative hip-hop artist, writer and producer. The young rapper made his debut in 2014 by dropping a self-titled EP, and has since released several well-received singles and an album in 2016, The Abyssinian. On April 20, Biniyam takes the stage at the CodeBus concert organized by the Embassy of Finland... Read more »
Magic of the Workshops
Last week I had an incredible opportunity to visit Tanzania and see CodeBus Africa in action. I have heard so many inspiring stories of how much the students learn during the one-day workshops and how excited they are after producing their first songs, so naturally I was thrilled to see how the concept actually works.... Read more »
100 Years of Finland, 100 Days of CodeBus
Finland became an independent state on 6 December 1917. The year 2017 marks a century of independence for the land of a thousand lakes and home of Santa Claus. In addition to being a chance to look back at the nation’s history, the centenary year is also a time to contemplate the future and what... Read more »
Mid-Tour Recap
Last week marked the halfway point of CodeBus’ tour, when Uganda beautifully wrapped up an intensive streak of five countries. We cannot wait to jam with the remaining five countries, and we are more determined than ever to advance our mission of inspiring youth to discover and make use of technology in their lives! On... Read more »
Aleksi’s Pre-Trip Thoughts
Hi! I’m Aleksi, and tomorrow, I will be landing in Dar es Salaam, which is Tanzania’s and, in fact, the entire Eastern Africa’s most populous city. On the scale of the whole project, my trip is just the short leg of a long journey, but it sure feels huge to me. I have never been to... Read more »
A Successful Press Day in Helsinki
With our kick-off right around the corner, the travel preparations are in full swing on Helsinki’s side. An important part of prepping has been sharing our story with the public, and yesterday we had the pleasure of doing so for the first time with Finnish media. Last morning, intrigued journalists from the main national publications arrived... Read more »
Training Day Thrills
While they had dipped their feet in before, our fantastic Aalto University coding instructors – or our Band of Nerds, as we lovingly call them – truly took the plunge into the world of Sonic Pi at an intensive training camp held by Mehackit last week. With the guidance of Mehackit’s Tommi Toivonen and Mikko Eloholma,... Read more »