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We bring together African and Finnish innovators in tech and education to organise creative coding workshops for youth in ten African countries in February–May 2017. Through the project, we hope to inspire youth to discover and make use of technology in their lives, and empower especially girls to explore technology’s possibilities for their future. The project is led by Aalto University.


26 June 2017

Q&A: Project Lead Irena Bakić
Project Lead Irena Bakić spent a hundred days on the road to coordinate CodeBus Africa in ten countries. Now she answers questions about the initiative’s outcomes and next steps. The CodeBus Africa 100-day tour had three key goals: to support equal opportunities in technology, to build local capacity for youth tech education, and to boost cooperation between Finnish... Read more »

20 June 2017

Q&A: Local Instructors
The CodeBus Africa workshop concept was adapted and implemented to fit various local needs by a global team of 62 instructors. No matter the students’ starting level, instructors made sure that each and every attendee finished with a creative outcome – their very own song. Altogether 50 African instructors received training in running Sonic Pi... Read more »

08 June 2017

No Party Without Music
CodeBus Africa is a celebration of technology and youth empowerment – and everybody knows there’s no party without music! From making songs on the live programming environment Sonic Pi to energetic dance-offs to the beat of freshly coded tunes and local bangers, music played a central role in CodeBus Africa. In Mozambique, local artists Regina,... Read more »





  CodeBus Africa is empowered by  Nokia